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Saistībā ar notikumiem Ukrainā LNPL vēršas pie Lielbritānijas premjera ar atklātu vēstuli

iesūtīts: 2014.03.18 11:43
Latviešu Nacionālā padome Lielbritānijā ir nosūtījusi vēstuli Lielbritānijas premjeram Deividam Kameronam, viņa vietniekam Nikam Klegam (Nick Clegg), ārlietu ministram Viljamam Heigam (William Hague) un opzīcijas vadītājam Edvardam Millibandam (Edward Miliband), vēršot uzmanību uz situāciju Ukrainā un paužot aicinājumu „izmantot Lielbritanijas rīcībā esošos diplomātiskos un ekonomiskos līdzekļus, lai apturētu Krievijas agresiju Ukrainā un izvairītos no situācijas tālākas destabilizācijas arī tai tuvējā Eiropas reģionā.”

Dear Prime Minister,

The Latvian community in the UK and indeed in all Europe has been observing with increasing anxiety the events of the past month in  Ukraine, which have resulted in the tragic deaths of many demonstrators in Kiev and the de facto occupation of  Crimea by Russian forces. We also view with great concern the trade sanctions invoked against the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda in the past week – a direct result of the Lithuanian government’s support of the Ukrainian government.

The countries and nations of Eastern Europe have all experienced brutal occupation and aggression from both Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany in the past century. In the majority of cases, brutal subjugation came about under the pretext of  „protection” by the aggressor nation and/or the organisation of rigged plebiscites about our nations’ annexation.  In practically all cases, these annexations were followed by drastic repression against the inhabitants of these nations. We also know that the appetite of the aggressor has a tendency to increase, and that as a result cynicism and cold calculation replaces any remnant of moral values.

Thus our experience only increases our conviction that, in order to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the world, and in particular European nations, must act. Only the Ukrainian people have the right to decide, according to democratic principles, the future of the Ukrainian nation – including whether they wish to form greater links with Europe or Russia. The introduction of Russian military forces in Crimea is a massive violation of international law. Russia has no territorial rights to Crimea, just as Hitler’s Germany had no rights to the Danzig Corridor.

We value most highly Great Britain’s role in the creation of a free, united and democratic Europe and its efforts in finding a solution to the situation facing Ukraine. At the same time, we would like to encourage you to greater and more resolute action, as the discussions to date have not led Russia to change its stand.

Taking into account the influential role the UK plays in Europe’s relations with Russia, we would ask you to employ all the diplomatic, economic and political means at your disposal to halt Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and prevent the further destabilisation of the situation both there and elsewhere in Europe.

Yours very sincerely,

Lilija Zobens, president of the Latvian National Council in Great Britain

Pp Aldis Austers, president of the European Latvian Association

Foto: mvpicton.co.uk

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